NFL Week 11: Power Rankings

NFL Week 11: Power Rankings
Aaron Chou
November 19, 2020
Los Angeles Rams team grouped together waiting for NFL Week 11 games to begin
Photo By Mark Brown/Getty Images

Week 11 Power Rankings

Based on Cleat Street’s EPA model, we continue to have the Kansas City Chiefs rated as the #1 team in the NFL. The biggest improvement from Week 10 are the Los Angeles Rams, jumping 4 spots to #3 fresh off a victory against their divisional rival the Seattle Seahawks. On a neutral field, we expect the Rams to outscore an average team by 6.8 points:

Biggest Movers from Week 10:

Carolina Panthers: #24 (Last Week: #19)

Los Angeles Rams: #3 (Last Week: #7)

Tennessee Titans: #18 (Last Week: #14)

Limitations to the model

The EPA model relies on priors that put significant consideration into preseason expectations and a team’s performance the prior season. It also equally weights every game in the 2020 season - your Week 1 performance counts just as much as your Week 16 performance.

Teams that may fall victim of being inaccurately rated are teams that have had significant roster turnover, whether due to drafting a franchise quarterback, getting decimated by injuries, or free agent signings that have diverged significantly from preseason expectations:

The San Francisco 49ers (ranked 8th)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ranked 9th)

Miami Dolphins (ranked 24th)

Offense Power Rankings

These limitations may be more pronounced when you look at our rankings segmented between offense and defense. We have the Buccaneers, Dolphins, and Bengals graded as having the 20th, 23rd, and 25th offenses, respectively, which is probably too low:

Defense Power Rankings

Similarly, our rating of the Niners defense as the third best defense in the NFL based on priors is what keeps a 4-6 team that is currently out of the playoff picture in the top-10 overall. We also have the Miami Dolphins ranked as the 17th-best defense despite being in the top-5 in points allowed this season. Only two of their starters played more than 10 games for them last season, and they have seven defensive starters that were not even on the team last year:

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